Wildflower Canyon


Wildflower Canyon

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Poppies blooming amongst the hills of Lake Elsinore, California. Taken March 2019

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My photos are taken in a 3:2 ratio — Different ratios are available for purchase and custom order, but any deviation from the 3:2 ratio may induce cropping of image as shown. Ask to see the crop before printing.

Prints come in a variety of sizes based upon classic frame and photo dimensions. Most of my photos are in a 3:2 or 2:3 ratio, but panoramas may have special sizes for the crop if available on that medium.

Have a frame already? Check the measurements of the frame by measuring the back of the frame from inside edge to inside edge or the glass size. Also consider if you’ll have a matte board surrounding the print.

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Luster Paper - $$ - Classic and beautiful, its colors are rich and life-like with true blacks and pure whites. It has a slight reflective sheen with a very subtle texture. I love this as it is not overly glossy and does have a slight texture to it. It’s my favorite paper and will look great on almost all my prints.

Glossy Paper - $$ - This distinctively bright and bold paper brings a slick, contemporary look to your print. Colors are saturated, and whites are brilliant.  Glossy offers the widest color range and texture, but it also has quite a glare to it and can show fingerprints.  Rest assured; it’s quite a durable paper, and you can usually wipe off fingerprints easily. This paper is great for colorful images such as sunsets and sunrises.

Metallic Paper - $$$ - Metallic paper has a unique sheen for stunning impact and depth.  The most dramatic paper for colors that jump right off the print and black and whites that shimmer and shine! Its surface is smooth and reflective. This paper is a little more than the rest, but the splurge is justified when you see the results. I love my stars and milky way on this paper.

Matte - $$$ - Those with significant photo experience and an appreciation of nuanced imagery. A more expensive poper option. Not recommended for work with dense shadows and rich blacks.

Deep Matte - $$$ - Those with an appreciation for nuanced fine art imagery will appreciate Deep Matte paper. Sophisticated, artful scenes benefit from the depth and detail of this paper. Deep Matte has a smooth finish and a velvet touch, but is not recommended for work with dense shadows and rich blacks.

Fine Art Paper - $$$$$ - The most expensive paper option is available in 3 textures. Texture type will be confirmed per print after ordering.

Low Texture: A smooth, matte surface made with sustainable bamboo fibers.
Medium Texture: A traditional watercolor paper that brings an artistic feel to any image.
Heavy Texture: A more coarse surface to add visible texture to your photos.

Canvas - $$$$ - If you like the classic art feel, canvas might be the right fit for you. Printed on high-quality, heavyweight canvas that will provide that real artistic feel. Each Canvas Print is protected by a UV coating to shield from scratches or light damage. Canvas Prints are stretched onto a sturdy wood frame, so they come ready to hang and are carefully inspected for quality.

Metal - $$$$$ - Prints are heat infused onto a sheet of durable aluminum using dye-sublimation. Metal Prints remain stunningly vibrant for a lifetime. No fading or staining, 100% heat & water resistant, dry-erasable and easy to clean. I typically print these with a floating wall mount, but easel, or pedestal are available by special request prior to ordering. This is by far the most expensive medium, but also the most modern and visually stunning.


Paper Prints - Come rolled in a protective tube with no frame. If you’d to purchase a frame please contact me so I can fit your needs. I have many frames to choose from and simply too many to list.

Canvas - Canvas is hand wrapped around a sturdy wood frame and are ready to hang.

Metal - Metal comes with floating wall mount, but also has easel and pedestal options. If you’d like no mount, easel or pedestal please contact me to let me know after ordering.


All of my prints are printed through a nationally recognized printer, Adoramapix, rated #1 by Consumer Digest for overall quality amongst national printers. Prints are quality checked for perfection and shipped with care.

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