Chris Ewen Crosby

is a photographer based in Long Beach, CA. Born and raised in Seal Beach, CA, he developed a love for the ocean and outdoors during his childhood. Chris was very active in sports and outdoor activities that took him from the California's oceans, through the mountains and to the deserts. It was these formative years that sculpted his love of the beauty of the earth. He also inherited a love for teaching from his mother, It is a desire to teach, love for the outdoors, and a love for photography which shaped where Chris currently resides in his life.

In 2009 he purchased his first DSLR as a way to capture memories of conquered hiking trails. In 2015 he began to take photography more seriously and seeked to improve his skills in the field and in studio. Since he has dedicated himself to perfecting his craft and sharing it with others along the way. Chris also provides professional services such as, session, weddings, real estate and content creation.