Milky Way Workflow Tutorial - Photoshop - Joshua Tree


Milky Way Workflow Tutorial - Photoshop - Joshua Tree


Almost 3 hour of instruction is included in this complete workflow tutorial video using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Noise Reduction Stacking, Focus Stacking, Masking, Luminosity Masks and more are covered during this tutorial.

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A complete workflow tutorial video using both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. In this video I take you from RAW to Finished work, showing you everything necessary complete the image. I go step by step through my complete Photoshop editing process. I start by stacking multiple photos in Sequator*, an alignment tool for stars on PC, then I merge a focus stacked foreground for sharpness. After I combine my sky and foreground stacks into one image and edit it almost completely in Photoshop. Alone the way I introduce how I use luminosity masks to target my adjustments, how I color my images, and how I dodge and burn. I also introduce the Nik Collection, an add-on to Adobe to help finish my photos. Consider this a more intermediate than a beginning course in photoshop. Students should have an a basic understanding of Photoshop, including tools, layers, adjustment layers, and masks, but I do touch base on some of the basics. In the past students who has virtually no photoshop experience were able to follow along just fine.

*If you are on MAC I provide a link to a seperate tutorial on how to use Starry Landscape Stacker, the MAC option for Sequator.

Topics Covered

  • RAW Editing / Prep
    Sharpening and Noise Reduction
    Camera Profile Correction

  • Stacking for Noise Reduction with Sequator

  • Using Luminosity Masks - Free Photoshop Action Included to create your own!

  • Using Layer Modes, Blend If, and Masking

  • Toning using Curves

  • Coloring

  • Dodging and Burning

  • Finishing your image
    Using Nik Collection
    The Orton Effect

  • Using the Clone Tool

What do I need to know before I start?

  • Some RAW Editing Experience in Lightroom/Camera Raw

  • Some Photoshop Experience
    Some knowledge of Layers, Blending Modes, Masks and photoshop tools. However, some basic instruction is given on these topics.

What will I need to watch and complete the video?

  • YouTube Account and Internet Connection - At this time the video can only be streamed via Youtube and cannot be downloaded to protect myself as well as your purchase.

  • The most up to date versions of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are recommended (some features may not be available to you if not)

  • Sequator (PC) or Starry Landscape Stacker (MAC) for Aligning and Stacking of the Milky Way

  • Download my free luminosity mask action (link in video description)

  • I use the Nik Collection to finish my images, there is a free and paid version available for download. I used the free version in the video

After purchase, I need the e-mail that you use with your YouTube Account and you will be given access to the video tutorial on YouTube. The video is private and only purchasers of the tutorial will be able to view it. Confirmation usually takes few minutes from time of purchase if made during normal business hours. (Pacific Standard Time)

Should you have any follow up questions I can be reached by e-mail, phone, or video chat. Any extended lessons may be charged as a private editing session.

Not sure if this is the right tutorial for you? Let’s chat about it and see if it is the right fit. Other videos or a private session may fit your skill level better. E-mail me with any questions you might have, I’m here to help.