Photo 101 / DSLR Basics Workshop


Photo 101 / DSLR Basics Workshop

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A 2 hour session focusing on DSLR basics for the new or fairly new photographer. Learn how to shoot manual and get better results easily!

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This is the perfect class if you just got a DSLR or if you’ve had one but never took the time how to use more than just a point and shoot. Join me at a location or I can come to you for a 2 hour session covering DSLR basics and Photos 101. Learn how to shoot in manual mode, how to expose correctly, understand your camera and how it works in as little as one session. The subjects covered during the workshops will be beginning in skill level.  For advanced skill learning please visit here. For your consideration I've listed many of the topics I cover below. 


  • Manual Mode Shoot - Stop shooting in a program or auto mode. Learn how to easily control your shots using manual.

  • Camera Settings - Understanding your camera.

    • I’m a long time Canon user, but I’m familiar with most newer Nikon and Sony DSLRs. ALways bring your camera manual with you to a workshop.

  • Exposure - What makes a good exposure and how to get it right everytime

  • Composition

  • Using light
    and more…

    For topics past these please join my Private Workshops or a Weekend Warrior Workshop


  • Camera, any dslr or camera with full exposure control (Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO)

  • Lenses - a variety of lenses ranging from wide angles to 200mm would be appropriate depending on subject and location

  • Tripod - while not necessary it is very helpful and needed to capture longer shutter speeds

  • Remote Shutter - while not necessary it is very helpful and needed to capture longer shutter speeds

  • Comfortable Shoes

  • Batteries, Memory cards, cleaning cloths, etc. Plan ahead and bring everything you might need

  • Water and food are not provided, please plan accordingly

**** Weather Note: These workshops will happen with clouds or not, but be rescheduled if it is raining. ****


Equipement is not included. You are responsible for bringing your own equipment and none will be provided unless previously arranged with Chris prior to your purchase.

Purchase of this workshop is for infield instruction only and DOES NOT include any editing instruction. I will discuss how different capture techniques can later be used in editing, but no in depth instruction will be given during workshop. If you need editing instruction it can be purchased here.

Transportation to, from and during the workshop will not be provided. In some rare cases there may be a parking fee at our location that will not be covered. Equipment will also not be provided, except for the use of filters to try if you ask. I am working with Haida to get me more filters so that more clients can sample their filters.

After purchase of workshop you'll receive an e-mail separate from your order confirmation e-mail. That e-mail will contain location information, equipment reminders and be an open forum for us to communicate. We’ll also exchange phone numbers so I can call you the day of our workshop if needed.

For questions please reach out to me at