Astro Photography Workshop

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Astro Photography Workshop


All night in field Astrophotography Workshop 1 on 1. This workshop focuses on the techniques to capture stars and the milky way. Included is a 3 hour recorded editing workshop via skype and google hangouts.

Classes forming for the first week and weekend of June. Contact me to set something up.
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Spend a night under the stars learning the techniques to capture them beautifully.  We will spend the evening to practicing composition and refined capture techniques.  The goal of this workshop is to teach you solid fundamentals to advanced capture techniques that take your astro astrophotography the next level.  Whether a weekend shutterbug wanting to capture the night sky or an aspiring professional looking to capture more professional images, this workshop is sure help you towards your goals.  I look forward to spending a night amongst the stars sharing my shooting techniques and much more with you.  I hope you'll join me for an adventure.


Location is up to you.  I am open to your compositional desires or I am willing to suggest a good location based on dark sky areas, composition, timing of the year, weather and workshop goals.  I do require that we go no further than 4 hours from Los Angeles, CA or other arrangements would be made.  If you'd like to do something outside that are or would like to arrange a destination workshop contact me at


As my availability will provide.  Stars and the milky way are best seen at times surround a new moon or when no moon is visible.  Contact me at for availability and timing.

What's Covered?

  • Camera and settings

    • I will make sure that your camera is set up for optimal performance. Please note that this is not a photo 101 course and you should understand your camera's functions prior to the workshop. I recommend bringing your camera's user manual to be safe if you aren't sure.

    • We will discuss what settings are best for capturing astrophotography and what factors there are.

  • Exposure

    • Understanding the exposure triangle with ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed.

    • Finding the right exposure for your shot.

  • Composition

    • I will guide you to what makes a great astrophotography capture and how to better compose your shots to create interesting and eye grabbing images.

  • Stacking for focus and exposure

    • These are some of my intermediate to advanced techniques that I will show you to help bring greater detail, depth of field and less noise to your captures

  • Planning

    • Planning your Milky Way shots around the Milky Way Movement, moon cycles, light pollution and locations.

    • Planning your capture so you have all the things you'll need in post to make a stunning image.

  • Lighting

    • While I'm not a huge fan of artificial lighting of my shots, sometimes it can be useful. I will show you many methods of lighting your milky way photos to highlight key foreground objects and add detail as well

  • Etiquette

    • Part of being a member of the astro community is having good etiquette and consideration of others while shooting.

  • Pre Workshop .PDF

    • All attendees receive my pre workshop .PDF with all the essential information for astrophotography so you'll be familiar with it before the workshop. It also serves as a great reminder of the things we covered during the workshop.

What do I need to bring?

  • A DSLR or Mirrorless camera body that has Manual mode capabilities. If you have never used your camera, please bring your user manual. I am advanced with Canon gear and only familiar with newer Sony and Nikon camera bodies.

  • A wide angle lens within the range of 10mm-35mm and an aperture of at least f/2.8 is recommended. We will also cover shooting with narrower focal lengths as well.

  • A sturdy tripod with appropriate mounting gear for your camera

  • A headlamp with red light capabilities. Keep in mind that bright lights are damaging to low light photography. I often use only my cell phone screen to light my camera or while moving around.

  • Memory cards and batteries. Double check your bag!

  • An intervalometer or remote shutter will be necessary for exposures longer than 30 seconds.

  • Appropriate clothing and shoes. Location and weather can vary with location and time of the year. I'll be sure to suggest appropriate clothing for the location we choose.

  • Food! I will not provide any food during the workshop. I suggest planning ahead and bringing enough food, snacks, and water to get you through the evening.

  • A fold out chair. We will be standing for quite some time, if you are worried about standing for long times please bring a fold out chair to sit in between shots or while you wait for an exposure. There should be rocks near by to rest on as well.

  • Any medication that you may need. If you are in need of medication or are taking prescriptions make sure to bring it with you.

  • A good attitude. Please come out with a positive mind ready to experience the night sky and open to learning new techniques.

What's not included?

  • Accommodations

    • No accommodation will be provided at this workshop, unless arranged with me prior. Because we are shooting so deep into the night you might get tired, I know I will. Plan ahead and find accommodations close to our chosen location or plan to camp, I’m happy to suggest some in the area we chose. Driving tired is dangerous and possibly deadly.

  • Transportation

    • No transportation will be provided to, from or during the workshop, unless arranged prior to your purchase.

  • Food/Water

    • No Food, Water, Refreshments or any other type of food will be provided during the workshop. Please make sure you bring everything that you'll need during the workshop. I recommend you bring lots of water, snacks, energy drinks to get you through the night.

  • Equipment

    • No equipment will be available or provided at this workshop. Please make sure you own, borrow, or rent the right equipment before you arrive. I recommend that you have a DSLR or Mirrorless camera body that has Manual mode capabilities and a 10-35mm equivalent lens with a minimum aperture of 2.8. If you aren't sure about equipment contact me at and I will help make sure you have what is required.

An e-mail will follow all purchases with contact info, detailed schedule and any other details.  

For questions please reach out to me at